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Devdaha Medical College
Devdaha Medical College

Devdaha Medical College and Research Institute Pvt. Ltd. Established in 2008, aims to produce medical professionals who can compete in national and international level. It's their pleasure to take this step to contribute in the field of health and medicine. They are determined and dedicated to take any sort of challenges to provide quality medical education and health services. The college is located in the Western Region of Nepal at Butwal, one of the leading commercial hubs and is highly committed to adopt modern technology and tools. DMCRI is affiliated with the Kathmandu University. Students at Devdaha Medical College become part of a quite homely environment cared by most loving and outstanding academic staff of the college.

Another advantage of opting colleges in Nepal for your MBBS is they offer the similar environment as that of colleges in India as Nepal being the neighboring country of India and one don’t need the visas to enter the country and can normally commute from India to Nepal by showing a valid ID proof of citizenship of India.

The degree has wide recognition and acceptance which, will be highly valued by the employers and Medical institutions. Student from different continents of the world will be helped and motivated by staffs and employers of the college. DMC believes in cross culture environment, which will assist in making the organization a diverse and unique among the rest to the medical colleges in the country. All students at the DMCRI are helped to attain their full potential with high level of educational facilities. DMC proved safe secure and cost efficient comfortable accommodations for students in him premises of the college. They are committed to serve most hygienic and notorious vegetarian ad non-vegetarian food at berry reasonable rice. Your first step at the college will be warmly welcomed by our staff.  You will feel as if you are at home since we will create a homely environment 'Home distant from home".

About the Hospital at DMCRI

  1. OPD Department: OPD Department is in ground floor of block I. It has 28 rooms and it has 30,000 Sq.  .
  2. Administration Department: This department lies in ground floor of block II. It has 26,000 sq. ft. area.
  3. Emergency Department: This department lies in ground floor of block II. It has 10,000 sq. ft. area. It has separate entry and exit point. Oxygen line has been fitted in all the rooms.
  4. OT Department: This department lies in first floor of block II. It has 26,000 sq. ft. area. It is separated from the other hospital building and separately fumigated and aerated It has separate oxygen line ,washing area ,OT lights , changing rooms, OTS and observation rooms.
  5. Indoor Department: This department lies in first and second floor of block I & blocks II. It has 70,000 sq. ft. area. Indoor Department can accommodate more than 300 beds & it has 7 blocks each attached with doctors room, nursing counter, store and teaching room. There is 5 seminar hall, 10 duty doctor's room and 10 nurses room.

About Lumbini, Nepal

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