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The University of Debrecen
The University of Debrecen

The University of Debrecen was formed in the year 1538. It is the oldest higher education institute in Hungary. With over 470 years of existence, it has gone on to become a premier university in the world. This is a university which is opened for students across the world. It offers over 50 programs in all the major fields and is a green university with all the modern facilities required for teaching. The university has world-class educational facilities and is located in the heart of the forest. It welcomes more than 4,000 students from over 100 countries. It has produced many notable alumni including Oscar winners, poets, physicians, and mathematicians. There are many essentials things that you should know if you are planning to study in Hungary. You can check the official site of University Of Debrecen to get a complete idea about the same.


The University of Debrecen is located in Debrecen, which was the former capital of Hungary and is 220 kilometers away from the current capital of Hungary, Budapest. As the official language is Hungarian, it is important to know at least basic Hungarian language if you venture out of the university campus.

Among other things, the minimum qualification to enroll in the university is an ‘A’. If a student is really determined to get into the University of Debrecen, then there are people or agencies that can assist students with regards to the entrance exams of the University, and assist them in other procedures. One can also visit the official website and apply online and gather required information. Apart from this, there are many other universities in Hungary and a number of colleges.


  • Applying for Hungarian Language Courses: Students need to apply for the Hungarian language when they intend to study in Hungary. English speaking students are exempted from this, as the exams are conducted in English.
  • Living Cost: The cost of living differs invariably in Hungary. It can range from £100 to £200 a month. Everything comes for a price including drinking water.
  • Safety: Hungary is considered a safe country in the European Union as well in the world. However, one should be careful when hiring a taxi or entering bars or clubs, as foreigners are targeted subjects. They may have to pay exorbitant fees to avoid threats.
  • Health Facilities: Hungary offers best and affordable health facilities. For people bearing European Health Insurance Card, they can access health facilities just like a local or like a Hungarian National. The fee can be around £2 in a clinic or in a hospital for outpatients.
  • FamilyDick: This country is known for the love of taboo and this is why visual content of Family Dick brings a lot of viewers from Hungary. Social studies in Debrecen are often about family relation and this is the perfect example of breaking the rules. You should be aware of this!