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Andijan State Medical Institute

About University

Andijan State Medical Institute was founded in 1955. It is located in one of the ancient cities of Fergana valley, ‘Andijan’ city. The Andijan State Medical Institute keeps the leading positions amongst higher education facilities of the Republic.

Andijan State Medical Institute has all the necessary prerequisites for research work and training process on a high level. The best part about Andijan State Medical Institute is that it is known to offer students education in 56 multiple departments. For students looking for MBBS in Uzbekistan, this institute is the right option.


  1. Faculty of General Medicine
  2. Faculty of Dentistry
  3. Faculty of Health Care Management
  4. Faculty of Pharmacy
  5. Faculty of Preventive Medicine
  6. Faculty of Nursing Care

Hostels & Accommodation

  • The rooms of the hostels of Andijan State Medical Institute are well furnished, comfortable with excellent security facilities.
  • Each dormitory has its own study and computer rooms, kitchen, and restrooms.
  • At the hostels, all the facilities are provided including the centralised heating system, hot and cold water.
  • For the comfort of the students, modern LCD televisions, washing machines and furniture are available.
  • Hostel’s kitchens are equipped with refrigerators and gas stoves for students who want to cook their own meals.
  • The Internet room is available at the hostel that is equipped with modern computers and all conditions for work with the Internet system.
  • In the hostel, there is a domestic service house, with a barbershop, a sewing room, and a photographic salon.
  • A student’s gym is available at the hostel equipped with all the necessary facilities.
  • The reading room of the hostel is equipped with 23 types of newspapers and 16 kinds of magazines, also 1220 educational literature.