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National Metallurgical Academy of Ukraine (Dnipro)

National Metallurgical Academy of Ukraine (NMetAU)

Dnipro City , Ukraine , Europe.

IV-accreditation level state higher educational ministry. Course in English Medium,Russian Medium & Ukrainian Medium:

  • M.B.A.
  • International Business
  • IT
  • Metallurgy Engineering
  • Chemical Engineering
  • Petroleum Engineering
  • Electrical Engineering
  • Mechanical Engineering

Academic year (2 semesters): September 1- June 30
Course duration for Bachelor Degree: 4 years
Course duration for Master Degree: 1 & 1.5 year
Tuition fee varies courses: from 1700$-2500$ per year.

  • One of the oldest institutions of higher education for metallurgical engineering.    
  • Established in October, 1899 as a department of Katerinoslavsky Higher Mining School.
  • In 1912, the department was transformed into a metallurgical faculty of Katerinoslavsky Mining Institute. In 1930, it acquired the status of an independent institution of higher education and obtained the name of Dnipropetrovsk Metallurgical Institute.
  • In 1993, the higher status of State Metallurgical Academy of Ukraine was gained and fixed by the Resolution of Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine and, in 1999, the status of the National Metallurgical Academy of Ukraine was adopted by the Ukaz (Decree) of the President of Ukraine.    
  • The institution is engaged in the development of the applied sciences of Ukraine, such as: metals and alloys manufacturing, casting practice, metal forming, materials science, heating engineering, mechanics, chemistry, etc.
  • Presently, the National Metallurgical Academy of Ukraine is a state institution of higher education with level IV accreditation and developed infrastructure.    
  • NMetAU carries out the teaching activity for all qualification degrees (junior specialist, bachelor, specialist and master) in 16 branches and over 60 specialties; instructs university teachers and scientists for higher academic degrees (PhD and higher) in 22 specialties; conducts preparatory training and gives a second degree in higher education.    
  • The world famous Academicians and Corresponding Members of National Academy of Science are associated with NMetAU, they are: L.V. Pisarzhevsky, M.A. Pavlov, A.V. Kirsanov, O.P. Chekmar'ov, U.M. Taran-Zhovnir, M.I. Gasik, K.F. Starodubov and others.
Vocational Education

Vocational Education

Information, Library and Archive Science

Documentation and Information Activity

Philology Translation

Economic Cybernetics

Information Technologies in Economics

Accounting and Taxation

Accounting and Taxation

Finance, Banking and Insurance

Finance, Banking and Insurance


Management of International Economic Activity

Management of Organization and Administration

Management of Small and Medium Business

Administrative Management

Management of Innovation

Intellectual Property Management

Project Management
Business, Trade and Exchange Activities

Economics of Enterprise

Ecology Ecology
Computer Science and Information Technologies

Information Control Systems and Technologies

Information Design Technologies

Programming of Portable and Mobile Devices

Web-programming of Information Systems

Applied Mechanics

Manufacturing Technologies

Materials Science

Materials Engineering

Computer Modeling of Materials

Heat Treatment of Metals

Advanced Materials and Coatings

Industrial Machinery Engineering

Machines and Equipment for Metallurgy

Wheeled and Track-Type Vehicles


Ferrous / Non-Ferrous Metallurgy


Intelligent Control Systems in Metallurgy

Marketing and Commerce in Metallurgy

Metal Forming

Technological Design

Art, Jewelry, Dental and Industrial Casting

Corrosion Protection of Metal Products

Industrial Ecology and Heat Engineering

Electric Power Industry, Electrotechnics and Electromechanics

Automated Electric Drive, Control Systems and Programming in             Electromechanics

Electrotechnological Units and Equipment

Heat and Power Engineering

Heat and Power Engineering

Heat Physics

Energy Management

Automation and Computer Integrated-Technologies Automation and Computer Integrated-Technologies
Metrology and Information-Measuring Equipment

Metrology of testing and Product Quality Control

Quality, Standardization and Certification

Chemical Technology and Engineering

Oil and Gas Processing and Quality Control Management Systems

Chemical Engineering of Fuel and Carbon Materials

Chemical Engineering of Porcelain, Ceramic and Refractory             Nonmetallic Materials