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Service & Service Charge


  • 1st installment -INR 25000 – application for Admission in University.
  • 2nd installment INR 1,00,000 – For Admission Letter, Invitation Letter from university & Visa (Visa fee and Documentation).
  • 3rd installment INR 50,000 – For  Flight Ticket with international travel  Insurance.

INR 1,75,000 - Total Amount.

  • 600$ - One Time Registration Charges
  • DETAILS (Our Service Charges – Registration, Admission Letter, Invitation Letter, Documents Translation and Legalization, Visa Processing Fees, Stamping, Flight Ticket).

MCI-USMLE: MCI / USMLE training and guidance are given, and all arrangements are made by the University.

Ukraine visa requirements and application process includes:

  • Invitation letter &  Admission letter from  University.
  • Preparation of file for visa application, which includes student’s documents like HRD attestation, Apostille and Translation of documents in the foreign language.
  • Helping the candidate to get his/her medical fitness certificate as per the required format.
  • To collect all the other necessary documents i.e. original invitation letter/ visa approval letter, medical insurance, ticket reservations etc.
  • To obtain an appointment for visa application from the respective embassy.
  • Forming batches for students to a particular university to travel together.
  • Arranging flight tickets for travel to the destination.
  • Providing students with all the required information about methods of payment of tuition fee, currency exchange, basic necessities to carry with them, luggage allowance and all the other required information.

In the destination country:

  • On arrival receiving & transfer of students from the airport to the university/hostel.
  • Arranging the accommodation and basic necessities to make our students comfortable in their hostel/accommodation, hostel cards,separate floor for girls.
  • Helping the student fill up the necessary documents for their completion of admission process and payment of tution fee, students card.
  • Helping the student in obtaining his residence permit in the country of his university and all the necessary document including medical insurances, medical checkups.
  • Providing students with SIM cards,International student card.
  • Being there for the student during his initial acclimatization to the new country/university.
  • Providing cafeteria with Indian food (vegetarian and non-vegetarian) which is compulsory for 1st year students.
  • By the collaboration of INTERMOST and university,MCI/USMLE training of students is done.
  • INTERMOST provides free invitation and visa to any one member of the student's family on the convocation day after the successful completion of student's 6 years.