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Admission & Visa procedure


  • Passport & Birth Certificate;
  • Certificate of Completed Higher Secondary Education;
  • Medical Certificate & Colored photo, (3x4cm) (20 copies).

Choosing a course just after high school is a herculean task. Intermost with its team of expert counselors makes sure to analyse student’s interest and to realize his inclination to a particular professional course. We conduct an individual counseling session with each student for the same.

Our Counseling Objectives

  • To explore the candidate’s real inclination for a particular course.
  • To explain all the career options and trace a career path with all the array of options available for him both during and after the course.
  • To present the candidate with options in terms of Universities offering the course of his/her choice of interest all over the world.
  • To explain the pros and cons of each country/university.
  • To provide complete information about the selected course offered at the selected university.
  • To explain the student all his rights and duties in the country of his choice during his studies in the university of his choice.
  • To explain career prospective after pursuing the selected course at the selected university.
  • To explain financial terms and conditions of the selected course to the student & parent/guardian.
  • To make sure both the student and parents/ guardians understand all the presented information about the preferred course, university and the country.
  • To obtain student’s, parent/guardian consent for the chosen university/course and help the student to start his application for his higher education abroad.
  • We are overseas education consultant & we provide personal advice that is customized to meet your needs. Our services mainly include:
  • your interests, timelines, education, budgets and career goals
  • information and advice on selected country and courses
  • an overview of the education system in selected countries
  • explain job opportunities with current education
  • helping students in registration of their qualification in country where they pursue their course
  • explanation about further or post graduate education opportunities not only in the selected country of their education but also in other countries
  • research and scholarship options for students in selected course

Ukraine visa requirements and application process includes:

If you are planning to study abroad, For example: MBA in Europe or petroleum engineering degree in Ukraine, Visa is mandatory document which grants the right to a person to enter any country. Intermost has a dedicated team for taking care of this very important process while you apply visa process file to study in Ukraine. Being Visa Experts, we always stay up to date with the most recent changes, along these lines continually enhancing the administration of uses.

  • Procuring the Passport from the candidate and applying for visa approval letter/ invitation letter from the chosen university.
  • Preparation of file for visa application, which includes preparation of student’s documents like HRD attestation, Apostle and Translation of documents in a foreign language if required.
  • Helping the candidate to get his/her medical fitness certificate as per the required format.
  • To collect all the other necessary documents i.e. original invitation letter/ visa approval letter, medical insurance, ticket reservations etc.
  • To obtain an appointment for visa application from the respective embassy.
  • To apply for student’s visa to study abroad as a student representative.
  • To collect the documents back from the respective embassy .